> Hardware Layout, Silk, Marketing Campaigns & Collaterals, Audio/Video Recording, Infographic, Iconography, Strategy, Photo Composition

> Arduino

> 2023

The Arduino UNO R4 maker board is probably one of the greatest launch of Arduino ever: it's the 4th revision of the most important and famous product of Arduino's portfolio and I followed the product conceptualisation, development, design, marketing strategy and collaterals realization. I collaborated with the hardware team to help the design and layout of components on the board. I worked on the printed silkscreen infographics on the product. I realized a series of pixel icons and animations to be played on the LED matrix on the board. With the marketing team we realized the long and complex launch campaign with images, 3D assets, photographies, animated video, and recorded interview of influencers. We achieved a great result, a market success and a community loved product!

Hardware Engineer: Silvio Navaretti

Marketing: Anna ViganĂ²

Art Direction: Fabrizio Garda

Graphic Design: Fabio Ferrero

3D Modeling & Rendering: Tugrulhan Ektuna, Fabricio Troya

Photography: Alberto Morici

Video Editing: Giuliano Cozzi

Web Design: Francesco Lauriola