funzione grafica

I am Fabio Ferrero and I am a Graphic designer.

I design brand, creating logos and pictograms that conceptually and expressively link to all the required supports. In fact, I believe that the central part of every project is the concept and how it fits well with the reference context and the target to which it is communicated.

The graphics are able to speak without saying anything, becoming fundamental in everyday life: the visual gravity of the world.

Ciao Italy

Logo and rebrand for the Italian language school in Turin, Ciao Italy. Rebrand made for various supports, print and digital, including social media for which it has also been studied an editorial plan.

The brand is articulated around 3 core concepts for the institution: Made in Italy, represented through the calligraphic font Voltage, Education, represented by the symbol of bookmark, and Turin, which returns constantly in the claim with the claim "Let's Turing".

Hummingbird’s Shapes

Series of postcards printed entirely with screen printing technique, representing the collection of the Pietro Franchetti Museum of the San Giuseppe’s College.

The shapes and colors of the museum are synthesized through the silhoutte and postcard’s patterns representatives of the collection; inserted in the envelope with transparent hummingbirds, the postcards will color it always in a different way thanks to the nuance of colors.


Stylistic exercise of web design of a site that sells stars, real Stars. Design realized entirely, starting from the User Experience, then sitemap, content map and wireframes, until we get to the layout, including logo, icons and styleguides for the developers.

Desktop Prototype > Mobile Prototype >

funzione animazione

I am Fabio Ferrero and I am a great fan of the cinema’s world, in particular animation features.

I want to talk and discuss in my podcasts, about all the movies that I love and that changed my life and my point of view on them. Soon...

Work in progress

funzione videogame

I am Fabio Ferrero and I have fun with videogames.

I want to share my thoughs and experience with others, showing my point of view on this incredible complex world. I play the videogames that I love and discover new ones together with my subscribers. Also my obsession with completition bring me to create some guides and playthrough to help others do so.


Academic Diploma Level 1 in Graphic Design (Visual Communication Design)

-> IED Torino (Torino)

2016 - In progress

Maturity diploma of Artistic High School (94/100)

-> Liceo Artistico di Aosta (Aosta)


Experience & Contests

Contest for the redesign of brand identity: participation

-> Ciao Italy (Torino)


Contest for the redesign of food packaging for “Zer% Glutine”: winning of the first place

-> Baule Volante / Fior di Loto (Torino)


Logo and cover for the ebook “Bitcoin per tutti”


Poster for the Hackaton Droidcon Torino 2018


Contest for the realisation of a brochure: participation

→ SKF - “Svenska Kullager Fabriken” (Torino)


Contest for the design of a logo: participation and selection

-> TELT - “Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin” (Torino)


Graphic and logo

-> Trekkinella (Aosta)


Graphic and brochure for the project “MiLegoAlTerritorio” of Politecnico di Torino


Graphic design of signposting for the Opera Barolo’ social district

-> Opera Barolo (Torino)


Accenture Digital hackathon: participation and winning of the second place

-> Accenture Digital (Milano)


Contest for the realisation of a promotional video for “The Little Prince”: participation

-> Lucky Red with Userfarm


Contest “Un logo per Torino - Città creativa Unesco per il Design”: participation and selection

-> Unesco with Politecnico di Torino


Contest for the realisation of a honey’s jar label: participation and winning of the second place

-> Cooperativa Cofruits Valle d’Aosta (Saint-Pierre)


Contest for the realisation of a logo for “Giornata Olimpica”: winning of the first place and official use

-> CONI Valle d’Aosta (Aosta)


Contest “Non di solo pane” for the realisation of a poster: participation and selection

-> EXPO Milano 2015 (Milano)



Fabio Ferrero

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I specialize in everything that is icon, infographics and illustrations. As for the digital part I have skills in web languages and programming, in order to have a fruitful dialogue between the graphics and the digital.

I participated to several team works in university’s courses and hackathons. I was class delegate in High School. I have great leading skills, in particular I have abilities for group management, target identification, argumentation and speaking. I’m able to accept critiques on my work and to improve myself from them. I’m used to schedule my work, subdividing it in various tasks, keeping track of the overall progress and setting deadlines.

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