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> Fablab Torino

> 2022

May 7th 2012, Fablab Torino has been founded as the first ever all Italian digital fabrication Lab. For its 10th anniversary, Fablab Torino has organised a huge event to celebrate its origins. This special day called for special talks from its founders, projects showcase, lots of music and entertainment to celebrate this amazing 10 years old community.

The concept behind the whole project revolves around the number “10” that also represents the two atomic elements that makes all of the tools and possibilities at hand in a Fablab: the binary code; 0 and 1 become the connecting elements, a fil rouge that links physical and digital experiences into one overarching theme.

After 10 years since its founding, Fablab Torino was in need for a rebrand that could refresh the look & feel of the lab website, social media presence and overall visual identity. We opted for a flashy new colour palette that took inspiration from its original one and expanded it for further to new tones and colour temperatures. We also looked for a new typographic system that highlighted the Fablab connection with CNC machinery and its industrial background.

Project: Fabrizio Garda, Fabio Ferrero

Fablab Torino: Marco Cassino, Alice Mela, Silvia Diani, Damiano Frison, Francesca Vattiato and all the volunteers

Photography: Alessio Galdiolo

Neue Metana Font by Dirty Line Studio, Atkinson Hyperlegible by Braille Institute

Posters & Phone Design Mockups by Vectorium / Rawpixel on Freepik