I'm Fabio Ferrero

and I'm a Graphic designer.

I'm a senior graphic designer with 5+ years of professional experience focusing on iconography, infographic, branding and logos.

In my role I am the reference person for various projects and systems. I can manage or take care of complex issues, analyzing the problem, finding a solution, managing tasks, setting deadlines, creating and delivering the final outputs or guiding the team in doing so. I can manage interns and external collaborators, guiding them through workflows and tools to complete the project. I'm able to share knowledge, give lessons or courses focused on software and design skills. I am proactive in finding solutions and opportunities to optimize workflows and improve products, discussing them with the team and other stakeholders. I work in strict contact and collaborate with other teams to improve the design quality in every aspect, by talking in person and online. I’m able to accept critiques on my work and to improve myself from them. I have public speaking, presentations and conference experience, to talk to clients or audiences, both online and in person. I also participate in numerous external projects and activities, achieving great results and constantly putting myself to the test.

In addition to the areas mentioned above, I have wide experience of various skills and abilities, like packaging, audio-video recording & editing, art direction, web design, marketing campaigns & collaterals, editorial layout, printing techniques and more.

A mathematical function is a relation between two sets. I apply graphic design like a function by shaping what a client wants to communicate into what a target would like to see. Using graphics I can enable this connection. I can act as a link between two worlds to convey a message, express emotions and declare values. This is my way to interpret graphic design: a graphic function. I believe that the central part of every project is the concept and how it fits in the right way with the reference context and the target, to which it is communicated. Graphic design is able to speak without saying anything, becoming fundamental in everyday life: it's the visual gravity of the world.

Get in touch

You can reach out to me at funzionegrafica@gmail.com